Swollen Testicles Like Varicocele?

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good night, I want to ask, on my left testicle it looks like a vericocele, but a few days ago I checked with the doctor, he said there was nothing, but I still felt a little strange from before, why is that? what causes it? Will it affect the quality of my sperm later?

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Hello Boy,

Thank you for the question. Swelling of the testicles is not only caused by varicocele but can also be caused by other conditions:

orchitis, or infection of the testicles that causes inflammation
epididymitis, or infection of the sperm ducts
scrotal hernia

hydrocele, or a collection of fluid in the scrotum
testicular torsion
testicular cancer

Whether the condition you are experiencing affects the quality of sperm or not, you must first ascertain the cause. Please check with a urologist to determine the cause. After knowing your complaint, the doctor will examine your testicles and genitals. The doctor may recommend further tests such as ultrasound and then determine the next treatment.

For the time being, avoid having sex. You can wear comfortable, sweat-absorbing underwear.

Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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