Swollen Throat, Red And Itchy Circles?

Illustration of Swollen Throat, Red And Itchy Circles?
Illustration: Swollen Throat, Red And Itchy Circles? Bing

at Morning, I want to ask, my throat has been swollen for 1 week, among the symptoms I experience are red circles in my throat, sometimes my throat feels itchy, my tonsils feel like they have a cut like a cut, my body is sometimes a bit weak, but I I don’t have a fever, my body temperature also feels normal. When it comes to diphtheria symptoms, I don’t have that white layer. What am I experiencing? Thank you.

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Hi Renol,

With the outbreak of diphtheria cases recently, your suspicion and vigilance regarding the symptoms of diphtheria is a natural thing and needs to be recognized. It is true that some of the typical symptoms of diphtheria are sore throat accompanied by the presence of a grayish white membrane that appears on the tonsils and oral cavity, fever, and swelling of the neck. Apart from diphtheria, several other diseases that can cause similar symptoms that you experience include:

viral infection or other bacterial infection (eg Streptococcus) generally harmless such as diphtheria irritation of the tonsils peritonsillar abscess (collection of pus around the tonsils) respiratory tract infection allergic reaction other masses, both benign and malignant To determine the exact cause of your complaint, it is advisable to consult directly with the doctor so that the doctor can perform a thorough examination, including seeing firsthand the condition of your mouth and throat. In this way, doctors can make a diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, here are some things that can help the recovery process:

avoid foods/drinks that can trigger pain/itching in the throat such as those that are too cold, spicy, oily, and high in artificial flavorings. Increase the consumption of water, gargle with salt water to help clear the throat, and maintain nutritional intake by eating regularly, especially vegetables. and fruits that are good for endurance. Use a mask when traveling, get enough rest, if your throat hurts, take paracetamol or ibuprofen as recommended. To support the diphtheria infection prevention program launched by the government, immediately carry out diphtheria vaccination at the nearest health facility. You can read articles related to this topic: sore throat, get rid of sore throat, tonsillitis

Hope this information is useful.

Regards, dr. Delvira

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