Swollen Tonsils And White Spots?

doc it’s been 3 days my throat hurts And when I look at my left tonsil it’s like it’s swollen And there are white spots before I’ve had a tonsil stone on the same tonsil. But it’s gone after I rinsed my mouth with salt water. But after a week the pain started and the tonsils were swollen, even my ears hurt and hurt when I swallowed saliva and ate. The outer area of ​​my neck also hurts And if I get a headache to the left I will have pain in the neck. I don’t have a fever, I have a cough, I just have a slight headache and it hurts when I swallow. This pain gets worse when I wake up. Why do I have tonsillitis on one side. Do I have tonsillitis? What’s the treatment? Should I go to the clinic immediately or just keep gargling with lukewarm salt water. thanks doc

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Hi Ain,

As we know that the tonsils are glands in the throat that function as a preventative for infection, especially when we are children, but as we age our immune system gets better so that the function of the tonsils begins to be replaced and then these glands will shrink. automatically.

Inflammation that occurs in the tonsils is called tonsillitis which can be caused most often by viruses and then bacteria. Symptoms can include pain when swallowing, redness or whitish spots in the tonsil area, fever, headache, pain in the ears and even coughing. Since the most common cause is a virus, this inflammation usually resolves on its own within a few days to 1 week, depending on the patient's immune system.

If you have often experienced symptoms like these, you should immediately consult a doctor so that a complete examination can be carried out until the appropriate therapy. The treatment will be seen from how often the inflammation appears, if it is deemed necessary in addition to drugs, the doctor will take the action of removing the tonsils.

It should be noted that recently there has been an outbreak of diphtheria tonsillitis which threatens the lives of sufferers. So you should immediately consult a doctor, regularly gargle with antiseptic fluids, get enough rest, meet the nutritional needs very well for the immune system, eat soft foods, drink plenty of mineral water and eat fruits and vegetables.

That's my explanation. Good luck and get well soon. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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