Swollen Toothache To The Eye?

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Hello doc. I had a toothache in Graham’s right upper side about 5 days and then there was a swelling in the cheek, on the 4th day I went to the dentist and then had an X-ray and an open drill to remove the pus. And given the drug Record 50mg mafenamt 500mg acid Clindamycin Hi 300mgAfter the next day the swelling stretches to the edge of the nose to the eye .. * My medication should take 2 times and the teeth are not sick. The question is whether I will continue to take medication and wait for the swelling to recover after I stop and consult to the dentist ??? Thank you

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Hi Adi,

Thank you for the question.

Pain in the upper right graham teeth that causes swelling to the cheeks, sides of the nose, until the eyes may indicate a disruption in the teeth (for example cavities or tooth abscesses) that cause inflammation of the gums and surrounding soft tissue. This condition does not only interfere with appearance, but of course also makes it difficult when eating, even though sometimes to breathe.

Handling your condition is generally not enough just to do with the provision of drugs, including anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and anti-pain. If the inflammation has spread far enough, it is necessary to do surgery to clean the inflammatory tissue and debris that interfere with infection. In this way too, the potential for transmitting infections to other vital organs, including the brain, the lining of the brain, and blood, can also be minimized.

After undergoing doctor's treatment, your condition can recover in a duration of time that varies depending on the severity. If the pain has improved, chances are your condition is no longer dangerous. It's a good idea to take medication as advised by your doctor. Also consider the doctor's treatment with the following steps:

Warm compresses on the cheeks, nose, and swollen eyes
Do not carelessly massage swollen areas
Position your head higher during sleep to reduce swelling
Don't eat foods that are hard, sticky and too hot
Limit your speech and excessive physical activity
Get more rest
Stay away from contact with substances that might make you allergic
Brush your teeth more diligently, then rinse with salt solution
Do not smoke

However, if after 2-3 days undergoing treatment your complaints have not also gradually improved, we recommend that you consult your dentist again for further evaluation and treatment according to your condition huh ..

I hope this helps.

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