Symptoms And Transmission Of The HIV Virus?

Illustration of Symptoms And Transmission Of The HIV Virus?
Illustration: Symptoms And Transmission Of The HIV Virus?

I have ulcers that don’t heal, and lately I experience symptoms of HIV. Is it true that ulcers can cause HIV disease?

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HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that attacks the human immune system which makes it easy for sufferers to contract the disease. The HIV virus can spread through other HIV sufferers' body fluids such as from blood, sperm, or vaginal fluids. Some transmission of HIV occurs in a way

Vaginal, anal (anal), oral sex (especially if there are sores in the mouth) Using syringes that have been contaminated with the HIV virus Blood transfusion from someone with HIV From mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding Need more complete information about ulcer disease that you experience. If indeed you have ulcers that do not heal, you should consult your doctor. If necessary, antibiotics or other medicines will be given that can help your wound heal.

Symptoms of HIV disease are usually very common and are similar to other diseases. Symptoms of HIV are also very many and vary depending on our immune system. Some symptoms that can occur include:

Weight loss without knowing the cause at night Sweat white patches on the tongue, mouth, genitals, and anus Long-standing fever or heat can be more than 10 days Chronic diarrhea or bowel movements and other symptoms If you really want checking HIV you can immediately consult a doctor and if necessary a laboratory examination can be done to examine the HIV virus.

The following interesting article you can read: How to transmit HIV

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