Symptoms And Treatment For Bronchitis?

Illustration of Symptoms And Treatment For Bronchitis?
Illustration: Symptoms And Treatment For Bronchitis?

Good afternoon Doctor .. u003cbr u003eMy mother has been coughing for more than 4 days, which is felt when breathing there is itching in the throat, which we ask how the symptoms of bronchitis and whether with the drug u003eCefixime u003c / em u003e 100 mg and u003eem u003e Codikaf Codeine u003c / em u003e 20 mg can cure it. ? u003cbr u003e While my mother is also affected by Diabetes and is it permissible to use these drugs to cure bronchitis? u003cbr u003e Thank you Doctor.

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Hello Syarifi,

The human airway is composed of several parts, one of which is the bronchi, the channel that carries air to the lungs. This inflammatory condition in the channel is called bronchitis. In adults, bronchitis is more easily suffered by smokers, people who are often exposed to dust, or sufferers of diabetes mellitus, HIV / AIDS or other conditions that reduce the endurance of a person's body.

The symptoms that are often felt by people with bronchitis include:

cough, often accompanied by chest phlegm pain, especially when you're coughing fever or chills the body feels tired. In bronchitis, inflammation of the bronchial lining is often caused by a virus. Therefore giving antibiotics in bronchitis cases is generally not useful .efixime 100 mg, is a type of antibiotic to kill bacteria. While Codikaf codein 20 mg is a drug that contains active compounds in the form of codeine, which functions to treat pain, cough and also acute diarrhea.

People with diabetes mellitus do not have direct contraindications to cefixime or codeine drugs. However, if the patient experiences kidney dysfunction (often a complication of diabetes), then the use of cefixime antibiotics should be avoided.

The two drugs that you mentioned are drugs that must be taken by prescription. For that, before consuming it, you should check your mother again to the doctor to get the appropriate treatment.

In addition to seeing a doctor and taking medicine, multiply the consumption of water, use a mask if traveling outside the home, and avoid cigarette smoke

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