Symptoms And Treatment Of Lymph Node Disease?

Illustration of Symptoms And Treatment Of Lymph Node Disease?
Illustration: Symptoms And Treatment Of Lymph Node Disease?

Hello doctor .. My name is sri I want to ask about lymph node disease. A week ago a lump in my left neck was quite painful, what if I move wrong it will hurt 2 days later I also grew a lump in the bottom and felt pain up to the head … Since that day on the 5th day I went to the nearest pharmacy he said I was affected by lymph nodes. I was only given anti-pain medication and told to avoid food that contains flavoring and coloring. My question is whether my disease is actually a lymph node or not? Indeed, I coughed for quite a long time. My dermatologist seemed to be dry and wrinkled so much discharge at that time! Please answer whether the symptoms are correct and how to treat them correctly, thank you

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Hello Sri, thank you for asking.

There are many things that are mistaken in Indonesian society. People think that the 'lymph node' is the name or diagnosis of a disease. I straighten up a little yes, lymph nodes not the name or diagnosis of an illness. Lymph nodes are normal glandular structures that are found in humans. All humans have lymph nodes. So the analogy is, just like normal humans have ears, normal humans also have a gland called a lymph node. So, now that you have gotten the information, you can help straighten the misguided to your relatives and friends.

Lymph nodes play an important role in the human immune system. When a person experiences an infection or inflammation (inflammation), then the immune cells in the lymph nodes will experience activation, to overcome the infection and inflammation that occurs.

Lymph nodes are located in the neck, armpits, abdominal cavity, and groin. Lymph nodes can indeed be enlarged. Dapst enlargement occurs due to an infection process in another organ, or an infection process that attacks the lymph nodes themselves. Some possibilities that can cause enlarged lymph nodes are:

Lymphadenopathy. Generally occurs in people who are or are recovering from infectious diseases such as acute respiratory infections, inflammation of the throat, ear infections, or infections of the teeth and mouth area.
Glandular tuberculosis.
Cysts or abscesses in lymph nodes.
Tumors in lymph nodes.

In your case, it is also possible that enlarged lymph nodes are caused by a long cough. Handling will be more appropriate if it is directed at healing the cough that you experience. When the cause can be cured, then the lymph nodes should slowly shrink back to normal size by themselves.

If after a few weeks, there is no improvement in your lymph nodes, or even look worse, contact your doctor immediately. Symptoms of worsening can be in the form of a rapid increase in the size of lymph nodes, increased pain, redness, high denam, and uneven palpable glands when held. Doctors need to make sure by examination directly, whether the structure in your neck is indeed enlarged lymph nodes, or there is another abnormality. At this time you do not need to take special action on your lymph nodes. Keep your nutrition in order to remain optimal, multiply eating vegetables, fruits, and protein. Don't massage the lymph glands because they can make the disorder worse.

Hope this answer helps yes. Regards

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