Symptoms And Treatment Of Tuberculosis?

Illustration of Symptoms And Treatment Of Tuberculosis?
Illustration: Symptoms And Treatment Of Tuberculosis?

Tonight … I’ve had coughing sputum 3 days … I used to have checked only a normal cough then the doctor said that later coughing with phlegm was advised to check the lab was afraid of contracting TB … Is that true huh? Previously thanks😃

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Sputum cough can indeed be caused one of them by an infection in the respiratory tract, for example Tuberculosis (TB). Frequently, doctors suspect that someone has TB if they have a cough that does not heal or recurs for more than 2 weeks, has close contact with other TB sufferers, or also experiences other TB symptoms, such as weight gain, difficulty in prolonged mild fever, excessive sweating in at night, easily tired, swollen lymph nodes, and so on. Without knowing your general medical history and checking your condition directly, of course we are not authorized to judge whether the doctor's suspicions are true, or not.

In addition to TB, many other microorganisms can also cause respiratory infections and trigger coughing, including viruses or bacteria. Not only infection, cough with phlegm can also occur due to allergies, irritation of the respiratory tract, aspiration (choking), reflux (backflow) of gastric acid, malignancy in the throat or airway, side effects of drugs, dry throat, and so on.

As the doctor suggested, you should first consume drugs from a doctor so that complaints improve. If within 3 days you do not experience improvement, do not hesitate to check back to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine. Not only laboratory tests, doctors can also direct you to undergo X-ray examination or phlegm if necessary. With the right diagnosis, the best treatment for your complaint can be given.

Currently, besides undergoing treatment, you can also take the following tips:

Drink more warm water, at least 10 glasses per day
Don't drink drinks containing artificial sweeteners yet
Don't also eat oily, cold and too spicy foods
Eat a variety of healthy and nutritious foods
Get plenty of rest, don't shout too much
Use a mask
Always keep clean and air ventilation where you live
Do not smoke
Do not take other medicines except those prescribed directly by a doctor

Hope this helps ...

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