Symptoms And Treatment Of Typhus For Children?

Illustration of Symptoms And Treatment Of Typhus For Children?
Illustration: Symptoms And Treatment Of Typhus For Children?

my child is now typhus now the heat has gone down … but sometimes the body feels warm once in a while, at first my child did not go to chapter, then he just defecated. can he be given hard food? light walking in the house, maybe he’s bored. What if I do the act does not affect typhus … still please enlighten me

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Typhus is a disease caused by infection of Salmonella typhii bacteria. Typhus can provide symptoms such as fever that feels heavy in the afternoon, and felt increasingly severe every day, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain. If not treated adequately, typhus can develop in the body and cause complications such as perforation of the digestive organs.

In establishing the diagnosis of typhus, an examination and consultation with a doctor are conducted, anamnesis is conducted on the symptoms and course of the disease, physical examination, and supporting examinations such as blood tests to detect the presence of Salmonella typhii. carried out outpatient or inpatient care. Typhus is commonly transmitted through contaminated food / drink, so maintaining a healthy and clean diet is important for recovery and prevention of typhus. Medications such as fever-lowering, antibiotics, can be given to fight bacterial infections.

In recovery, it is advisable to consume foods that are clean, easy to digest, avoid fast food and fried foods, do daily activities with light intensity allowed, keep in mind there are a number of things that can help prevent typhus, including:

Wash hands before and after processing food and drinks, and after urinating or defecating, and after cleaning dirt, for example when washing baby diapers.
If you want to travel to a place that has typhus spread cases, you should make sure the water to drink has been boiled until cooked.
If you have to buy drinks, you should buy bottled water.
Reduce buying snacks haphazardly on the side of the road, because they are easily exposed to bacteria.
Avoid consuming ice cubes that are not made by yourself.
Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables, unless first washed with clean water and peeled skin.
Limit consumption of types of seafood, especially those that are still raw, because the level of freshness is difficult to know with certainty.
We recommend using boiled water to brush your teeth or gargle, especially if you are in a place that has not been guaranteed cleanliness.
Clean the bathroom regularly. Avoid exchanging personal items, such as towels, sheets, and toiletries. Wash these objects separately in warm water.
Avoid consumption of unpasteurized milk (not packaged milk).
Take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor and follow the instructions for use that have been given. Antibiotic treatment must be carried out until the treatment period ends to prevent drug resistance.

More information about typhus, its treatment and prevention can be accessed at the link of this article: Typhus.

If the symptoms get worse, fever does not go down, stomach pain is felt more severe, nausea and vomiting until unable to eat and drink, return control to the doctor regarding treatment for further examination and management.

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