Symptoms Of A Child Allergic To Cow’s Milk?

Illustration of Symptoms Of A Child Allergic To Cow’s Milk?
Illustration: Symptoms Of A Child Allergic To Cow’s Milk? Bing

I want to ask, my 6 month old son has been using formula for 0 months because when he was first born, his breast milk didn’t come out right away, so he was forced to use formula and ended up having nipple confusion. for 0 to 3 months, breast milk mixed with formula goes in for 4 months full of formula. At first, I used normal formula, but when my child had diarrhea for 4 months, then he became constipated (sorry the chapters are few and the color is gray) and lastly yesterday he had diarrhea again up to 10 times a day (sorry, it’s slimy, but it sucks). then always appear red spots around the mouth and cheeks, then the airways are like a blockage, and sometimes when breathing sounds there is mucus in the airways.

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Cow's milk allergy is indeed quite a lot of babies and children who consume cow's milk and products that also contain cow's milk. Symptoms can also occur minutes to hours after consuming cow's milk and its products. Symptoms can be mild or even quite severe. Some of the symptoms that arise due to a milk allergy briefly are as follows:

Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes

Swollen face

Appears like a rash around the mouth

It's hard to eat and it's hard to gain weight

Fussy and often cry because of bloating or discomfort


Constipation (constipation)

Rash or eczema on the skin

Cow's milk allergy in infants is indeed a particular problem for parents because it is to meet nutrients, especially calcium for the baby. One of the milk choices for cow's milk allergy conditions is to provide special formula milk that is labeled Hypoallergenic or milk based on soy ingredients. However, most of the time, if the baby is allergic to cow's milk, they will also have a soy milk allergy, so it is necessary to try some milk for the baby. Before changing milk or it should be checked first and consulted directly with your child's doctor, whether your child's condition really occurs with cow's milk allergy or there are other medical conditions. The presence of a rash condition also often occurs in infants and children, but it is necessary to see whether there are other symptoms that are typical of cow's milk. Thus, appropriate treatment can be carried out according to your child's condition in order to achieve optimal growth and development.

Here's a related article

Overcoming Cow's Milk Allergy

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