Symptoms Of An Infected Diabetic Wound?

Illustration of Symptoms Of An Infected Diabetic Wound?
Illustration: Symptoms Of An Infected Diabetic Wound?

I want to ask if the DM wound is 7x9cm in size, what is the cause of clear mucus, and if there are bullae around the wound, what causes infection

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The clear mucus that comes out of a wound, regardless of whether it is a DM or other wound, is most likely fluid that comes from white blood cells, and is a response to a bacterial infection. The more severe the infection, the mucus will be more numerous and colored, until it becomes pus. In open wounds, this is more likely to occur because there is no barrier between the inside of the body and bacteria from outside.

As for bullae, or blisters that contain water, this condition can occur for various reasons, it can be due to friction, skin irritation due to certain substances or chemicals, bacterial infection, exposure to electric shocks, insect bites, exposure to hot water, or reactions from certain drugs. Regarding your question, it is very likely that the bullae appeared due to infection. However, our advice is to do a direct examination by a specialist in internal medicine or a doctor who has been treating diabetes in the person you are referring to so that you can find out whether this is true related to the history of diabetes or not. If so, you must also make sure that the sugar levels are controlled.

In addition, make sure to keep taking anti-diabetic medications, avoid sugary foods and drinks, maintain overall body hygiene, use soft footwear, and don't take medications or treat wounds yourself without a doctor's guidance. So, hopefully it answers your question.

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