Symptoms Of Bell’s Palsy?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Bell’s Palsy?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Bell’s Palsy?

Hello … I want to ask. Yesterday when my jaw was evaporating like it was locked … and a few days after that my left face did not function like that … for example when chewing on the left jaw was difficult. smile only the right one while the left one can’t. To the left eye the three can’t close perfectly, so if you wash your left eye, you get water … my question is, is this affected by bell’s palsy, can it heal by itself?

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Hi Ferry,

Thank you for asking

It is true, if you view the information you convey, you might experience Bell's palsy. This condition occurs when the facial nerve experiences swelling and inflammation, often associated with infection. There are various types of infections that are thought to be related to this disease, including influenza, mumps (mumps), coxsackievirus (spry flu), adenovirus (the cause of respiratory infections), herpes simplex, herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus, and so on. Clinical symptoms of this disease are often characterized by an asymmetrical face shape, so you will have difficulty closing your eyes, raising your eyebrows, smiling, and opening your mouth on the affected side. Not only that, Bell's palsy can also cause you to have difficulty swallowing, talking, sticking out your tongue, tasting, crying, and experiencing many other limitations. This condition also often triggers headaches, pain around the face, jaw, to the back of the ear which is quite disturbing.

In addition to Bell's palsy, it could also be that your complaint is caused by a disruption in the jaw joint, for example due to inflammation, dislocation, or due to other causes. Other conditions, such as transient ischemic attacks, strokes, brain tumors, otitis media, Ramsay Hunt's syndrome, Gullain Barre's syndromes, etc. may also cause complaints similar to what you are feeling at the moment.

It's best if you go directly to a doctor or neurologist so that your condition can be treated properly. The treatment that your doctor may give related to your condition can vary, from medication, physiotherapy, surgery, or further tests, such as electromyography, MRI, or CT scan. With proper management, often your condition is harmless and can be completely cured.

For now, what you should do is:

No excessive panic
If the eyes are very difficult to close, close your eyes first with a bandage that is plastered or use protective glasses so that the eyes do not get in the dust and other harmful substances
Eat first food that is easy to swallow, for example porridge, juice
much rest
Drink plenty of water
Go to sleep early
Don't overdo physical activities
Do massage and light exercise on the area of ​​your face, for example by doing facial exercises, so that facial muscles are more relaxed and not stiff
Do not carelessly take drugs without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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