Symptoms Of Cough And Fever That Occur When Infected With The Corona Virus

Illustration of Symptoms Of Cough And Fever That Occur When Infected With The Corona Virus
Illustration: Symptoms Of Cough And Fever That Occur When Infected With The Corona Virus

Want to ask doc. If the symptoms of the corona virus immediately occur at once there is a cough, fever or sole like day 1 cough then day 2 fever? Thanks doc

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Good evening, thanks for asking at To be able to answer your question, what needs to be understood is that the symptoms of a disease, whatever the illness, generally appears as a form of body defense.

For example for fever. Fever appears as a form of body protection against bacterial and viral infections because bacteria and viruses cannot survive certain body temperatures. So by increasing the temperature, the body is actually trying to survive the attack of infection. Then to vomit, vomiting is the way of the upper digestive tract to protect the digestive tract from harmful substances. This is what causes when we consume poison or stale food, we can vomit, because the body does not want the dangerous content to enter too deep and absorbed by the body. But if it is not detected and already exists in the body, then the next way the body has is diarrhea, so that the germs that cause the disease are immediately outside. Neither is the case with coughing and sneezing, it's just a form of defense in the respiratory system.

Related to your question, because the corona virus infection is very closely related to a person's immune system, how the symptoms appear will depend on how good the immune system is. If the immune system is very strong, it could be that he has no symptoms at all, because the virus can be directly controlled by his body. If the body's immunity is very low, all the symptoms can appear together, in the form of fever, shortness, cough, and so forth. But if the body's immune system gradually deteriorates, symptom after symptom can appear one by one until finally it gets worse and makes the person fall into a fatal condition.

In essence, the answer to your question is uncertain, depending on the condition of each person, and this is one of the reasons why social.physical distancing is important. Because we cannot distinguish who is positive and who is negative only from the symptoms. Those who look sick and we avoid, can only be infected with the flu or strep throat. And those who appear healthy so as to make us unmindful of self-protection, may actually be a corona virus carrier.

Therefore, stay at home unless there are important matters, maintain endurance by regularly exercising, avoiding cigarettes, and eating fruits and vegetables, consumption of multivitamins and supplements as recommended, increase consumption of water and adequate rest. So, hopefully answering your question.

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