Symptoms Of Fever And Headache

Illustration of Symptoms Of Fever And Headache
Illustration: Symptoms Of Fever And Headache

Good night doc I have a parent aged 78 years there is a history of asthma .. often been hospitalized … but already 3 years asthma has recovered and never entered a hospital again … And now Abah (father) I have heat and headaches but no cough and not short of breath. I am afraid because at this time there is a boom with covid-19 in Indonesia … and my question is whether my father just had a normal fever. How do you deal with this doc? Thank you for the solution 🙏

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Hello M. Jaelani, thank you for asking.

The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed troubling for global citizens, due to the high level of pain and death. Anyone can be affected, regardless of age. The elderly, especially the elderly with comorbidities, are more vulnerable and at high risk of experiencing severe symptoms. The problem is, the elderly often do not have the typical symptoms of COVID-19.

You can do the following:

Perform periodic temperature checks with a thermometer on your father. Record the temperature listed.
Record the chronology of the disease course from the very beginning, so it is easy to tell the doctor if needed.
Consider whether in this 2-3 week period, your father or other family who live in the same house; go to positive locations COVID-19 (domestic or foreign) or make physical contact with people who go to positive areas.
Look for other people (for example guests, neighbors, relatives) who might be in contact with a COVID-19 patient or go to a positive area, then contact with your father and your family.
If not, isolate your father in the room. Wear a mask on your father and anyone who enters your father's room. Separate your father's drinking utensils. Clean the room and fix the ventilation. Make sure your father drinks 2 L of water per day, eat lots of protein, vegetables, and fruit. Avoid cigarettes. Make sure your father sleeps 7-9 hours a night. Isolation is carried out until healed or at least 14 days.
Don't accept guests. Limit the number of people who enter your father's room.
Your father and everyone at home should wash your hands frequently with soap.
Clean all objects that come from outside the home. Wash clothes worn outside the home. Disinfect all surfaces.
If your father experiences worsening symptoms, such as very high fever, severe cough, severe shortness of breath, immediately call 119 ext 9 or call immediately and go to the emergency room.
If your father must be taken to the emergency room, make sure your father is wearing a mask, just show a healthy person to accompany your father. Introduction must wear a mask and take optimal precautions.

Thus the information that I can give. Hopefully your father can recover. Regards.

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