Symptoms Of Pelvic Inflammation In Women?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Pelvic Inflammation In Women?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Pelvic Inflammation In Women?

my wife has been sick for a long time. her stomach is spicy. sore. her hands are spicy and her legs are also spicy. then she hurts under her left abdomen. Is it true that the features?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Complaints of the stomach feel hot, painful, or may be interpreted as spicy for some people, etc. You mentioned actually have many possible diseases, ranging from urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammation itself, to herpesvirus infections, nervous disorders, arthritis, digestive system disorders and so on. But because it has indeed been done by a doctor and has done an ultrasound, it could indeed be the second condition that is experienced by your wife.

Urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammation are two different diseases. Urinary tract infections occur when someone's urinary tract that dangles from the kidneys to the bladder, then to the expenditure channel where in men in the form of a penis, has a bacterial infection for one reason or another, such as frequent urination, lack of hygiene, and for women , sometimes it can just happen because the channel is shorter than men.

While pelvic inflammation occurs when the infection occurs in female organs such as the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries themselves. So systemically, the infected are different. And both of these diseases have more or less the same symptoms as abdominal pain especially the lower part, pain when urinating, lower back pain, and can also be fever, malaise and vomiting.

So after being diagnosed with these two diseases, usually the doctor will do treatment with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain, as well as fever and anti-emetic if these symptoms are present. If your wife still does not experience improvement in symptoms after the drug is all gone, check with your doctor for further evaluation and examination.

Meanwhile, avoid sexual intercourse first, clean the genitals from front to back, always change the underwear every day, warm compresses the painful part, do not use tight pants and pants, and do not hold urine and multiply drinking water. So, hopefully answering your question.

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