Symptoms Of Preeclampsia At 37 Weeks’ Gestation?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Preeclampsia At 37 Weeks’ Gestation?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Preeclampsia At 37 Weeks’ Gestation?

Hello, I am already 37 weeks pregnant and yesterday I checked a urine test and the result was positive protein 1. But I did not experience symptoms such as dizziness, high blood pressure or other symptoms of preeclampsia. Can it be dangerous for me and my fetus? then what should be the solution?

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Pre-eclampsia is a complication in pregnancy that is found at more than 20 weeks' gestation. This condition is characterized by hypertension / high blood pressure that appears recently and a sign of organ damage, can be accompanied by the appearance of protein on urine examination. Generally pre-eclampsia can cause no symptoms or only cause mild symptoms. However, some symptoms that can be a sign of pre-eclampsia include headache, heartburn, shortness of breath, visual disturbances, reduced urine volume, protein in the urine, impaired liver function, swelling in the legs, hands, decreased platelet count.

Pre-eclampsia will generally subside and disappear when not in a condition of pregnancy (for example, the child is born), some treatments are given to control blood pressure and aim to prevent further organ damage. One of them is also to avoid eclampsia (where seizures occur with an increase in blood pressure in pregnancy after 20 weeks). In pregnancy control patients and found an increase in blood pressure, can be performed several supporting examinations such as ultrasonography, blood tests, urine analysis, and non-stress tests to monitor the condition of the fetus.

The condition of pre-eclampsia can endanger the mother and fetus if it is not treated adequately, it is advisable to consult an obstetrician regarding further examination and management. Perform regular control in accordance with the specified schedule to monitor the condition of the mother and fetus. It is not recommended to do activities that are too heavy during pregnancy, it is not advisable to take self-medication without doctor's instructions.

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