Symptoms Of Pulmonary TB Infection?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Pulmonary TB Infection?
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in the morning, I have a relative who happened to be sick for almost 2 weeks. The first symptoms are nosebleeds but only once and a cough accompanied by phlegm mixed with blood but not much. Two days later the patient coughed up blood and vomited blood, and the blood that was released was fresh blood. In a day can be up to 1-2 times there is vomiting of blood. Then the family took him to the hospital for examination. After that, a chest X-ray and sputum examination were carried out. The doctor said that the patient had pulmonary TB. But what surprised us a little, the patient did not experience a prolonged cough, fever, weight loss, decreased appetite, and night sweats. Please explain doctor. Thank you

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Hi Haya. Pulmonary TB disease is a condition of the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria that attacks the lungs. The main risk factor for this condition is contact with sufferers, especially close and prolonged contact. In addition, poor air circulation conditions can increase the risk of infection with these germs. The symptoms given for pulmonary TB are coughing up phlegm for 2 weeks, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, mild fever at night, weight loss for which the cause is not clear. Of course for someone, not all of these symptoms will be suffered. Usually a cough for more than 2 weeks, coughing up blood, has started to give suspicion of this infection.

Consult with your doctor about the conditions you are experiencing to ensure conditions and get an appropriate explanation. The existence of a positive test from sputum is one important examination in making this diagnosis in addition to clinical symptoms and X-rays. Following the recommended treatment, improving air circulation to allow sunlight to enter, wearing a mask and not littering are important to help recovery and reduce the spread of infection. The following is about pulmonary TB. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Greetings, Dr. Alyssa

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