Symptoms Of Sialolithiasis And How To Handle It?

Good evening, r nIf you want to know more details about how to cure it, where can we consult? R nThank you in advance for the help.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Sialolithiasis, or salivary gland stones, is a condition in which there is a process of calcification or hardening of chemicals in a person's salivary glands that are shaped like stones and then inhibit the flow of saliva into the mouth. The size of the stone itself varies, ranging from less than 1 millimeter to several centimeters.

Symptoms that arise from this condition are pain in the salivary glands which are located most often in the lower jaw, swelling of the mouth, face or neck, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing and opening the mouth, or an infection that is characterized by fever, pus buildup, and redness and mouth also feel bad or bitter. This condition can affect anyone but generally are men aged 30-60 years.

Regarding your question, there are various ways of handling stones in the salivary glands depending on the number and size, can be by forcing the stone out by increasing the flow of saliva, for example by drinking a lot, smoking sweets or other foods that taste sour, and compressing it with warm compresses. . Massage can also be done but it should be done by a doctor. Another more sophisticated technique is to use sound waves to break rocks and operations. As for doctors who can handle this is an ENT doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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