Symptoms Of Sinus Symptoms?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Sinus Symptoms?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Sinus Symptoms?

, I have a cold + cough from 3 days ago, thank God it’s better after taking medicine, but when I woke up this morning when I touched my face, I felt a little pain in the lower part of my forehead and cheekbones, why is that? is this a sinus symptom? and it’s rather difficult to sleep. what should I do?

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Hello Chocomilk,

Thank you for the question.

Colds and coughs, accompanied by pain in the area of ​​the forehead and cheeks, indeed typically indicate rhinosinusitis, or inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinuses. This condition is most commonly associated with viral or bacterial infections. Even so, other factors, such as allergies, irritation, immunity disorders, to the entry of foreign objects can also aggravate this condition. Not only colds, coughs, and pain, rhinosinusitis will often also cause sufferers to experience olfactory disorders, taste disturbances, bad breath, even nosebleeds.

In addition to rhinosinusitis, your complaints may also occur due to other factors, such as nasal polyps, rhinitis, pharyngitis, and even cancer around the nasal cavity. To be clear and can be handled properly, we recommend that you go directly to see your doctor or ENT doctor. Usually, doctors simply do a physical examination and rhinoscopy to be able to find out the cause and the best treatment for your condition. But in more severe cases, the doctor may recommend that further tests be carried out, such as x-rays, blood tests, nasal cavity endoscopy, CT scan, and so on.

In the meantime, what needs to be done so that complaints improve:

Warm compresses to painful areas
Keep yourself away from substances that make you allergic
Stay away from dry air, for example by not excessive use of air conditioners and fans, use air humidifiers if necessary
Use a mask
Get more rest
Also be more diligent in eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C
Change curtains and sheets of your home regularly to keep them clean
Make sure your house is always maintained sanitation, lighting, and air circulation
Don't smoke, stay away from the smoke too
Not just taking medication without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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