Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer?

I Want To Ask, I’m Now Sick Of High Fever, Same As Mumps. Old People Say Fever Is Caused by Mumps. But my stomach feels cramped and my left leg also feels cramped, and when I take a shower I touch my testicles. My left side hurts, and it feels like spills … I open Youtube to check and I find cancer symptoms Testicles … is this correct?

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Complaints that you feel are high fever, mumps, stomach cramps, leg cramps, left testicles that hurt and are like choking. Is it included symptoms of testicular cancer or not.

To answer this question more complete information is needed, how long have you been feeling fever, what kind of goiter is it like, which lump is it, the lump around the neck? If indeed there is a high fever accompanied by swelling of the neck, one possibility is what we usually call mumps (Mumps virus infection). Another possibility of fever accompanied by swelling around the neck, because there is an infection in the neck area may come from the teeth, or an infection from the respiratory tract that makes lumps around the neck and fever.

For symptoms of pain in the testicles, many possible causes, can be due to an infection in the testicular area, an inflammation around the testis or an infection in other places that have side effects on the testicles. While testicular cancer itself can not only symptoms with what you tell, it is necessary to do further and more complete examination. Like a blood laboratory examination, examination of the testicular tissue taken (biopsy) if needed You should consult a doctor of internal medicine first.

To find out more information about testicular cancer and mumps, can be seen at the following link:

Things to do at home:

- Compress with warm water in the painful testicles

-Drink plenty of water at least 2L per day

get enough rest 8 hours a day

eat healthy and nutritious food, high in protein

So that your endurance increases again and becomes recovered.

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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