Symptoms Of Typhus Returning?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Typhus Returning?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Typhus Returning?

In the morning I was 26 years old, currently I am not feeling well, I feel the same symptoms when I typhus. I have been 2 times and this time I am at night on the first day my body has a sore throat and my head hurts. in the morning my body went limp and I drank paracetamol. but the body is not healthy. muscle night pain second night sleep well headaches too and nausea. The third day I took neurobion, paracetamol and dexa. Fever does not appear but every time I eat it feels like my stomach hurts. Am I entering typhus symptoms again? Thank you

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Headaches accompanied by weakness can be caused by various causes. This is not always due to typhus. Indeed, one of the causes of the situation that you experience can be caused by a typhus. Typhus is a condition where an infection of the salmonella typhi bacteria in the digestive tract. Typhus can be repeated if you previously have a history of typhus, for example when the body is too tired. Typhus is transmitted through contaminated food.

Typhus can cause symptoms such as fever, especially in the evening, the fever can last up to 7 days, abdominal pain, indigestion, headaches, weakness, nausea. Typhus requires treatment with certain antibiotics, and other supportive treatment may also be needed. To determine whether you have typhus or not, then it must go through a direct clinical examination by a doctor, and blood tests.

But besides that, there are several other causes that can also cause your situation for example:

strep throat inflammation of the tonsils Influenza Lung infection / pneumonia Gastritis / inflammation of the stomach wall gastrointestinal infections Therefore, to ascertain the cause of the situation that you are experiencing, you should check yourself directly to the doctor, so the doctor can examine your condition further.

Temporarily avoid consuming green vegetables, and don't consume spicy and sour foods. Eat soft foods first. Drink enough water.

The following article you can read about TIFUS

may be useful. Thank you

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