Symptoms Of Typhus

Illustration of Symptoms Of Typhus
Illustration: Symptoms Of Typhus

Doc a year ago I had a high fever and my leukocytes went up to 19,000 … and and from the widal test showed positive tipy O 1/320. What I asked if this type of recurrence could recur … And the symptoms were without fever … Just stomach ache and diarrhea ??

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Typhus or known in the medical world as typhoid fever is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhii. Disease transmission usually comes from foods or drinks that are contaminated with these bacteria. Someone who has experienced this disease may experience it again if re-infected by the bacteria. This can happen if someone does not maintain personal hygiene and the environment.

Related to your question, typhoid / typhoid fever from the name already shows symptoms that occur namely fever, so it is almost impossible that these symptoms do not exist, unless other symptoms are more dominant so that fever is not too felt.

For now maintaining cleanliness and increasing endurance are effective ways to avoid contracting this disease. Consumption of healthy and nutritious food, adequate drinking and resting, and regular exercise can be applied to strengthen the body's defenses. Besides avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, controlling stress well, and washing your hands regularly with soap and running water is important.

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