Symptoms Of Varicocele?

Illustration of Symptoms Of Varicocele?
Illustration: Symptoms Of Varicocele? Bing

h varicocele when touched hard?

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Varicoceles are caused by swollen veins (veins) in the testicles. The cause is not known for certain. However, many experts suspect this condition is triggered by abnormalities in the valves of the veins themselves.

Because the enlargement that occurs in varicoceles comes from blood vessels, then when palpated, the lump is of course soft, not hard. However, hard or soft can be very objective, therefore, it is necessary to do a physical examination directly by a doctor to be sure. In addition, if the lump gets bigger, the patient can feel pain and also symptoms of obstruction, such as vomiting, cold sweat, and so on. If not treated properly, exposure to excessive heat around the testicles can also trigger infertility.

Hard lumps on the testicles may be caused by:

Testicular cancer Squamous cell cancer Sebaceous cysts Genital warts, etc. That's our explanation. For more details, you can consult directly to the doctor..

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