Symptoms That Distinguish The Common Cold From Flu Due To Corona

Illustration of Symptoms That Distinguish The Common Cold From Flu Due To Corona
Illustration: Symptoms That Distinguish The Common Cold From Flu Due To Corona

Hello, .. I want to ask. I have had a mild cough, sneezing, and a good cold for the past two days. But not every time, only after the shower or in contact with cold air. Moreover, if the night or wake up, sometimes accompanied by a snapping sound. I do have a history of asthma, and for the problem of colds and sneezing, it always happens when I take a shower, or get cold air. Usually these symptoms will disappear if you have activity as usual. Actually, I’ve experienced this symptom a long time ago and my condition is still fine, but related to the corona news, I want to confirm whether the symptoms that I experience at this time are classified as flu or not? Thanks. Thank you wr. wb.

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Hello Dewi QA,

Corona virus disease (Covid-19) is a respiratory infection caused by a new type of corona virus infection known as Sars-CoV-2. This disease has the same transmission and clinical symptoms as other respiratory infections such as cold cough (common cold), flu (influenza virus infection), pharyngitis, rhinitis (which can be caused due to viral, bacterial, or allergic reactions).

Because of the limited ability of the Covid-19 examination, the examination is prioritized for patients with the following history:

 In the last 14 days you have traveled or are domiciled in countries / regions reporting local transmission of Covid-19. In the last 14 days there has been contact with sufferers of Covid-19 / suspected Covid-19 Even if you do not feel any symptoms, if you have 2 of the above history, please call the Covid-19 hotline at 119 ext 9 or call another hotline provided by the local government where you live.

The symptoms that appear in patients with Covid-19 based on WHO analysis of> 55 thousand positive Covid-19 patients in China are:

 Fever = body temperature> 38 degrees Celsius measured with a thermometer (88% of patients) Dry cough (68%) Tiredness (38%) Spitting phlegm (33%) Shortness of breath (19%) Bone and joint pain (15%) Pain in the throat (14%) Headache (14%) Shivering (11%) Nausea or vomiting (5%) Nasal congestion (5%) Diarrhea (4%) Blood cough (1%) Swollen eyes (1%) Difficult to distinguish Covid-19 with symptoms of other respiratory diseases. The diagnosis of Covid-19 is confirmed from the results of laboratory tests on airway swab samples. However, if clinical symptoms can be seen, the majority of Covid-19 patients complain of fever. If you don't have a fever, you can still think of other diagnoses such as common cold or possibly allergic rhinitis (especially if you have asthma). Please take medicines that you normally consume for cold cough symptoms or if you have asthma medication that is routinely used or needs to be used during an attack you can use. If it does not improve you can go to a health facility for further examination.

Current appeals are preferred to isolate yourself at home if you are contagious. If your symptoms are mild, you can stay at home and practice the following:

 Clean and healthy living behavior Wash your hands regularly using running water and soap Bathing at least 2 times a day Change clothes every time you take a shower, especially clothes from outside the house quickly wash Not to spit carelessly Eat food with balanced nutrition, vitamin supplements if necessary Drink minimal water 8 glasses a day Rest 7-9 hours a day Ethics correct cough so as not to infect others Wear a mask (change regularly when it is wet or at least once a day) Cough covering the nose and mouth using a tissue then quickly throw away and wash hands with running water + soap Coughing over the nose and mouth using the inside of the arm (folding the elbows) Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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