Symptoms That Occur If Allergic To Dogs?

Illustration of Symptoms That Occur If Allergic To Dogs?
Illustration: Symptoms That Occur If Allergic To Dogs?

Are the symptoms caused if we are allergic to dogs?

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Allergies are immune system reactions to exposure to allergenic substances, which can be substances that are eaten, inhaled, in contact with skin, or injected. Symptoms that arise due to allergies can vary, ranging from mild to severe degrees. Symptoms that can arise include rashes on the skin, respiratory problems, and / or disorders of the digestive system.

Examples of forms of symptoms that are often experienced by individuals with allergic contact with dogs are rashes on the skin and accompanied by itching which is a symptom of allergic contact dermatitis. This condition is an inflammation of the skin caused by contact with allergens (for example: latex, animal protein, plant pollen) attached to the skin. Allergic contact dermatitis is related to the formation of the body's immunity against allergenic ingredients so that symptoms generally can arise after repeated exposure to allergenic ingredients.

Do not rule out the possibility that a person can experience a severe allergic reaction, also called anaphylactic. Symptoms that occur include shortness of breath, blood pressure drops dramatically, and decreased consciousness. This condition is an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately by a doctor.

You are advised to check with a doctor or dermatologist to evaluate whether you really have an allergy to dogs. In addition to the history and physical examination, your doctor may plan a skin test to support the diagnosis of allergies to certain allergens. Your doctor may prescribe medication according to your complaint and your individual condition.

As a recommendation, you should avoid exposure to certain objects / substances that are suspected of causing allergic symptoms. Do not delay to see a doctor immediately if you experience a severe allergic reaction.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about allergic contact dermatitis. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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