Symptoms Turn Blue Around The Eyes And Pale Face.?

Illustration of Symptoms Turn Blue Around The Eyes And Pale Face.?
Illustration: Symptoms Turn Blue Around The Eyes And Pale Face.?

Good morning doctor … I want to ask about the health of my child who is only 3 months old. During the night’s sleep, it suddenly happens suddenly the area around the eyes turn blue and the face becomes pale and restless. But after breastfeeding my wife the symptoms disappeared and she slept again. This has happened several times. Do you think there is a problem with my child? Thank you..

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Hello Ardiyanto,

Thank you for asking

Bluish around the eyes, accompanied by pale and restlessness in infants is actually a complaint that can be very subjective. To be clear, this needs to be confirmed directly with an objective doctor's examination.

Bluish and pale also may dictate oxygen deficiency. This condition may arise due to airway obstruction (for example if the baby's nose and / or mouth are blocked by a pillow or blanket during sleep, if the baby is having a heavy cold, or if the baby's airway has foreign objects other than air), airway narrowing ( for example due to asthma, bronchitis, bronchhiolitis, croup, tonfillopharyngitis), heart problems (for example due to congenital heart disease), changes in air pressure in extreme environments (for example if you bring your baby to a very high environment above sea level), and so on . Babies can also appear pale and bluish due to other causes, for example:

Anemia (low blood hemoglobin), can occur due to bleeding, decreased production of red blood cells, or increased destruction of red blood cells
Heart problems, in addition to congenital heart disease, can also be due to inflammation of the heart valves
Shock (shock), can occur due to allergies, bleeding, excessive loss of body fluids
Psychological disorders, and so on

Your baby who looks nervous might indicate the discomfort he is experiencing in his body. With breastfeeding, if your baby's condition improves, this series of conditions is not dangerous. Could be, pale and bluish that you experience is actually still a reasonable variation of skin color and not need to worry.

However, if you are very worried about your baby's condition, it is more appropriate if you consult him directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be given the best treatment. Depending on the cause, the condition of your baby can later be treated with a variety.

What you should do now:

Calm down, no need to panic too much
Feed your baby ASI as needed
After breastfeeding, always burp your baby
Do not give baby food or drinks other than breast milk before the age of 6 months, without advice from a doctor
Avoid dangerous objects that are vulnerable to being consumed within the reach of infants
When the baby sleeps, make sure the nose and mouth are not covered by a pillow or blanket
Soothe your baby when he's restless, by hugging him, patting his buttocks, stroking his back or forehead, or singing a hum that makes him comfortable

Hope this helps ...

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