Illustration of Syphilis?
Illustration: Syphilis?

Hello, yesterday I just had a blood check at the health center with my partner. My partner’s RPR is positive 1:16, he is positive for syphilis. But I’m negative. Pdhl we have been married 2 years. But he hasn’t checked the TPHA yet. Why is that? We never use condoms. Was the check wrong. thank you

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Syphilis is a disease caused by the bacterial infection Treponema pallidum, which is a sexually transmitted disease. This disease is chronic in nature, and the course of the disease is also divided into several stages. Divided into three stages, namely primary, secondary or tertiary syphilis. Among the three stages also have a latency period, namely the phase where syphilis does not cause clinical symptoms but on a positive examination result. Transmission through sexual contact, through body fluids or blood. Treponema Palidum does not last long outside the body so that it is transmitted through body fluids or blood. To confirm the diagnosis with TPHA and VDRL examinations. TPHA can remain positive even though they have received treatment or have been exposed to it in the past but have recovered to distinguish whether the infection is still active or new with RPR examination.

Syphilis has an incubation period ranging from 10-90 days before infection, during which time the test results may still be negative, or the test results are negative if you are not infected. For a positive RPR result on your husband to make sure further TPHA examination is allowed. It is also best for you to re-check it within a month. Because the results of your previous examination were negative, you should:

Avoid having sexual intercourse with your husband, either vaginal, anal or oral, to prevent transmission, until your husband's treatment is complete
further check to confirm the diagnosis of your husband
do the treatment completely
keep the intimate organs clean
seek treatment and further check with a specialist skin and genitals (Sp. KK)
read about syphilis

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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