Syphilis Phase?

Illustration of Syphilis Phase?
Illustration: Syphilis Phase?

Hello, my doctor now has a reddish rash if the itching touches around the lower wrist and on the edge of the palm near the thumb, and I have quite a lot of blisters on my scrotum, before I went to a dermatologist, the doctor said it could be syphilis, but it could also be eczema because I was exposed to hepatitis A and was recovering, previously hospitalized and did not take a shower for more than a week and when I was hospitalized the scrotum wound started to appear and sore. n nI read that the early stages of syphilis do appear sores. Then the wound healed, then the second phase appeared a rash on the palms of the hands and feet. N n What I want to ask, is it possible that these two symptoms come together?

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Hello, thank you for asking, I will try to answer your question.

Scrotum injury can be caused by various causes, it can be due to infection or inflammation. Conditions that cause scrotum injury include:

allergic abscess / swelling trauma genital herpes king lion disease / syphilis sexually transmitted infection. for diseases in points 4 to 6, are diseases with a potential risk of transmission through sexual contact. So it takes a direct examination to really be able to explore the cause of the scar in the scrotum.

For syphilis itself, it is caused by bacteria that are transmitted through sexual contact and body fluids such as blood, the use of needles that alternate with each other, and can also be transmitted by pregnant women to the fetus they are carrying.

Symptoms of syphilis will appear after 3 weeks after infection, and are divided into 4 stages.

primary syphilis: there are sores on the genitals or around the mouth, the wound does not cause pain, and this condition can last 1-2 months, the wound can heal without a trace. secondary syphilis: there is a rash around the palms of the hands and feet about the size of a coin, and can be accompanied by fever, sore throat and growing genital warts, these symptoms can last for 1-3 months. Latent syphilis: the end of secondary syphilis, with symptoms that have disappeared and will move to the tertiary phase. This phase can last about 2 years. Tertiary syphilis: late syphilis is the most dangerous because it attacks the eyes, brain, hearing, genitals to cause death if not treated immediately / late. Syphilis should be treated as early as possible in order to prevent the disease from worsening and also hopefully get a full recovery. So it is better to immediately consult a dermatologist for the possibility of additional examinations that should be done.

Possible additional examinations that can be done are laboratory tests in the form of blood tests and search tests on the wound. The involvement given is an antibiotic which of course can only be prescribed by the treating doctor.

In the meantime, it's good for you to know how to prevent syphilis, namely:

Do not change partners If positive is detected to have syphilis, you should not have sex until treatment is declared complete. Avoid using needles that are exchanged with other people (for drug users or body tattoo enthusiasts). Simple things you can do for scrotum injuries are:

avoid frequent contact with hands, use loose underwear, avoid risky sex. Hopefully a little information from me can help you. Thank you


Dr. Ciptanti

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