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Yes, a year ago I had Rajasinga disease because it was dirty with free sex until both my wives were infected, and often had vaginal discharge,,, and I also had pus coming out of my penis,,, and have been brobated several times with other paramedics and doctors and until now I don’t know if it’s healed or not, in the past two months, I’ve been active again having sex with my two wives and I don’t think there’s any pus coming out anymore, it’s been 6 months, but when I have sex with my wives when I masturbate, I don’t feel good in my urinary tract and it stings a bit…sometimes it’s itchy, then what I often feel is my throat for 3 months now feels phlegm and itchy… and my wife is still white until now… Me too every kiss is the same My wives feel a bit uncomfortable, I’m a bit more phlegm after that,,,,, I’m very confused now whether I’ve recovered or not I don’t know because I haven’t been checked again…. Because I’m tired of taking medication

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Syphilis or lion king is an infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. lion king disease or syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease, generally this disease is spread through sexual contact with infected people. Symptoms of syphilis are:

sores or ulcers on the lips, mouth, tonsils, and fingers Swollen glands in the neck, armpits and groin Rashes on the palms of the hands and feet genital warts Fatigue, fever, headache, joint pain Weight loss Hair loss Symptoms of urination pus leads to symptoms of ureteritis and gonorrhea with symptoms of urinating pus, swollen head of the penis, painful urination, pain in the testicles.

The cause of a sore throat that you are experiencing is probably a sore on your throat, due to a wound from a primary or early syphilis infection in the throat or tonsils, but it can also be caused by other causes, namely:

Pharyngitis, infection of the pharynx Laryngitis, or infection of the larynx Inflammation of the tonsils Diphtheria Esophageal cancer Oral candidiasis Esophagitis To find out the cause of your sore throat you should consult an ENT specialist, the doctor will perform a physical examination on you, investigations, blood examination, throat swab examination.

Some suggestions for you:

Check yourself with a venereal skin specialist, whether you have syphilis or gonorrhea, or both, because if you are positive for one or both of them, you must take regular and complete treatment. positive, Your wife must be treated as well. Avoid changing sex partners, and use condoms when having sex. Keep your intimate organs clean. Drink lots of water. Avoid treatment other than going to the doctor. Thank you, hopefully it will be useful. dr. Nurmarwiyah

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