Illustration of Syringe
Illustration: Syringe

Doc I want to ask, can pill medicine be included in syringes / syringes? If possible, how to do it, whether by dissolving the pill medicine or how to dock?

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Hello Mudilariska,

Thank you for the question.

Each drug has its own drug preparation, which is divided into two routes of drug administration, namelyenteral and parenteral. Enteral medicines are drugs that involve the digestive tract such as the mouth, tongue, up to the rectum, and existing preparations in the form of capsules, tablets, puyers, and rectal suppositories. While parenteral medicines are drugs that involve the body's blood circulation and peripheral tissues, such as injection drugs that can pass through veins, muscles, or under the skin, and topical medicines that can be allowed in the form of creams, gel, or ointment, eye drops, ear drops, etc.

The large variety of preparations of these drugs has their respective goals, depending on the content of the drug and the intended use of the drug. Like for example enteral medicines consumed so they can be absorbed by the digestive tract and the drug content can be distributed evenly and remain in the body's system for a long time, and these drugs are safer for consumption and more comfortable for patients. Likewise, for example with parenteral medicines such as injection drugs for example in veins that function so that the drug can be distributed quickly even though the drug can not last long in the body system. All of these things are closely related to the drug content and the intended use of the drug.

Because the drug preparations (in the form of pills, injections, etc.) have their respective functions, it is not recommended to change the dosage form and route of administration of the drug, even though the ingredients are the same, such as inserting pill drugs into injectable fluids. In fact, this tends to be dangerous, because it is not so easy to dissolve the pill into liquid, because usually the drinking pill has a protective coating that is difficult to dissolve, and if the solution is injected into a vein for example, there is a risk of blockage.

You should not put the pill into the syringe and inject it yourself without supervision from a professional medical professional. Therefore, consult about the administration of these drugs, and what alternatives you can do related to the use of these drugs.

Hopefully this information can help.


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