Take A Shower Using Special Hand Soap?

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Hello good night … I want to ask, What is the consequence of taking a shower using a handwash huh ?? The thing is I was tricked by my friend, my bath soap was changed to a handwash. I found out about that one week later. Please answer. Thank you.

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Hello Alvingremory,

Bathing is a way to maintain hygiene and healthy skin. Choosing the right bath soap is important, especially for people with sensitive skin and irritants. Generally, bath soap is divided into 3 forms namely:

Bar Soap. Bar soap generally contains sodium hydroxide which functions to cleanse the body of impurities. Often these substances cause the skin to become dry. If you still prefer bar soap, make sure your choice of soap does not contain high levels of alkali which can cause irritation and dry skin. Instead, use bar soap that contains a lot of emollients or moisturizers to keep skin moisturized. Bar soap contains less fragrance than liquid soap.

Body wash. Is a type of liquid bath soap. Generally body wash contains other substances to keep skin moist. Body wash with the label "moisturizing" is a suitable choice for people with dry skin.

Shower Gel. Liquid, thicker and usually contains more deodorizers. This type of soap is suitable for those who have oily skin.

Hand wash or liquid soap for hand washing generally contains ingredients that are "harder" on the skin, because the aim is to antiseptic (deadly germs) contained in the hands. Hand washing soap contains antibacterial agents such as triclosan, keratolytic agents, alcohol, fragrance which is quite pungent so that the effect can cause dry skin and even irritation in people with sensitive skin. Apart from these effects, there are no other side effects arising from the use of handwashes on the body.

If you experience skin irritation, stop using the soap. Use moisturizer without fragrance more often on the skin, drink enough water, and consult a doctor if the irritation symptoms do not also disappear within 2-3 days. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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