Take Antibiotics For Bladder Infections?

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Smat afternoon, I want to ask, yesterday I arrived yesterday “I can’t urinate but I feel like I already want to pee but I can’t get out then I drink lots of water and drink antibacterial metronidazole for 3 days, I stopped, and I’m now continuing. again by taking the antibiotics, because my left side of my stomach is in pain, what is the danger if I take the antibiotics? I’ve already taken the antibiotics 4 times … and now I feel dizzy, please explain. Thank you.

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Hello Eriol

The use of antibiotics should be based on clinical considerations from a doctor, because antibiotics are classified as hard drugs. Where the inappropriate use of antibiotics will increase the unexpected effects. For example, is the occurrence of bacterial resistance, which is a condition in which the bacteria become immune so that it will not be effective to be eradicated with this class of drugs. So that in the end the bacteria will be difficult to eradicate if the bacteria become resistant to various types of drug classes.

Please note that although antibiotics have the ability to eradicate bacteria, the purpose / indication of each antibiotic drug is different. This depends on the type of bacteria, the location of the bacterial infection, and how severe the bacterial infection is. In addition, the existence of other diseases, including age and weight, are also taken into consideration to determine the right type of antibiotic.

Complaints of difficulty being able to urinate (urinary retention) and / or pain in the stomach can be influenced by various things, such as urinary tract infections, prostate, bladder stones, the effects of certain medications, to the presence of other conditions such as multiple sclerosis and injury pelvis.

That is why it is important to first determine what condition Eriol is actually experiencing, then plan treatment or medical action accordingly.

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