Take Levonorgestrel After Intercourse.?

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Hello. I want to ask you this … Because I had sex with my wife … and I put my sperm in 2x … Will you, but after intercourse my wife consumes Postinor 2, can pregnancy occur? pregnancy between our first ank because we are still babies ..

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Hello Herry James, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

The medicine you mentioned in the question contains levonogestrel (how it works: it prevents the release of the egg from the ovaries and prevents fertilization of the egg by sperm), is an emergency contraceptive drug that is taken within 72 hours after husband and wife to prevent pregnancy. There is no contraceptive method that 100% completely prevents pregnancy, there are still a few percent chance of getting pregnant, as this drug can prevent 85% of pregnancy, 95% of pregnancy can be prevented if the drug is taken in the first 24 hours, and decreases to 58% if taken within 48-72 hours after intercourse.

The way this drug works is by canceling ovulation / release of eggs from the ovaries, enlarging the thickness of the channel that connects the uterus with the ovaries and stimulates movement in the uterus so that it prevents sperm from meeting the egg. If a pregnancy has occurred, this drug cannot cancel it.

The drug must be taken twice within 12 hours of the first tablet. If the second dose is missed, drink can be immediately followed without repeating the first dose. Side effects of this drug include: nausea, headaches, bleeding from the birth canal, breast pain, abdominal pain and allergic reactions. Because it is still possible to get pregnant, it is advisable to keep using a test pack after several days of contact despite taking this drug. This drug is not recommended for people with diabetes, stroke, history of heart attacks, breast and liver cancer; pregnant women are prohibited from taking this medicine. As the name suggests (emergency contraception), then this drug should not be used continuously in place of normal contraception (click on the hyperlink for discussion of contraceptive methods).

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