Take Medicine During The Month Of Ramadan?

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I just went for treatment, I was inflamed and got bronchial medication, molacort 0.5, and the antibiotic amoxcillin trihydrate 500 mg, I want to keep fasting, can all the drugs be taken 2 times a day?

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Hello Kaniaadh, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Bronchris is a drug containing Bromhexine HCl where this drug is included in cough medicine to help facilitate the expectoration of phlegm from the respiratory tract (mucolytic group) for cough type of phlegm cough.

While Molacort is a drug containing 0.5 mg of Dexamethasone per tablet where this drug belongs to the corticosteroid class of drugs and serves to reduce inflammation, in your case the inflammation that occurs in your respiratory tract.

Basically, the three drugs given to you can be adjusted in accordance with the doctor's consideration, but if your doctor recommends taking these drugs 3 times a day, then these drugs should still be consumed 3 times per day.

One way to consume drugs 3 times a day during fasting recommended by the Indonesian Ministry of Health is to take the drug every 5 hours, where the easier way is to take these drugs at 18:00, 23:00 and also at 04.00.

I hope this helps.

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