Take Metronidazole While Pregnant?

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I’m 24 years old, I’m 8w pregnant, I want to ask the spog doctor here… Yesterday, January 15th, I went to a hospital. vaginal discharge and sticking to the mouth of the vagina and it feels very itchy, there I was not examined but instead on ultrasound, and I was very shocked because the doctor diagnosed BO because the fetus was not there and was not developing, and I was advised to immediately undergo a curettage… And the doctor also said that the UK was 2.5 months while I was also married for only 2.5 months and after marriage I had my period… because I wasn’t sure the next day I went to the Pukesmas to meet the midwife and asked for more explanation… The midwife said that the doctor already sentenced BO can’t be defended anymore… And I explained about my vaginal discharge, because I thought I was not pregnant the midwife gave me the antibiotic metronidazole 500 mg I had taken 1 x 3 and I asked for a referral letter for u For a curettage to the state hospital (hospital.b)…. The next day I went to the hospital.b to have a curettage… There I was taken for an ultrasound again and to my surprise the doctor said there was a healthy fetus and there was a heartbeat…. And the UK is still 8w, as a result I didn’t have a curettage, but unfortunately I forgot the name of the medicine I was taking and I didn’t take it with me….rnMy question is whether my fetus is in danger after I took the antibiotic metronidazole 500mg for 1×3? Explanation please…

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Hello Rhanifa,

We understand your condition and your concerns. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly until delivery. Back to your question, metronidazole is an antibiotic drug to treat bacterial infections.

In general, metronidazole is quite safe for pregnant women, provided that it is used according to doctor's recommendations. There are studies in animals where metronidazole does not harm the fetus, whereas for humans, there is no adequate and controlled scientific data on this matter. Therefore, giving metronidazole to pregnant women is permissible considering the benefits outweigh the risks. Doctors will certainly be more selective in giving any medicine to pregnant and lactating women.

Did you consult your obstetrician for your vaginal discharge yesterday? Leucorrhoea that feels itchy is abnormal vaginal discharge and can be caused by poor hygiene and dampness, bacterial infections, fungal infections, viral infections, parasitic infections, pelvic inflammation. To ascertain the cause, a direct examination by a doctor is needed if necessary with a vaginal fluid test. Treatment will be adjusted to the cause and condition of the patient.

If the doctor has not provided treatment for vaginal discharge, and vaginal discharge still feels itchy, I suggest that you return to the doctor's control so that you can be examined further and given proper treatment. Meanwhile you should maintain vaginal hygiene by:

Wash and dry the vagina with clean water, without soap, without feminine hygiene fluids
Use comfortable and not tight underwear, if necessary don't wear underwear when at home
Change underwear if it gets wet
Clean the vagina after urinating and having sex
Dry the vagina before wearing underwear

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Thank you and hope this helps,

dr. Devika Y

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