Take Supplements Along With Probiotic Drinks?

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I want to ask if spirulina can be mixed with other drinks? like yakult? thank you..

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Spirulina is currently known as a natural supplement that can be consumed through drinks or food. Spirulina is actually a species with cyanobacteria, which are algae plants that can be consumed by humans.

You should not just take supplements with other mixes. Because there is no evidence of safety between spirulina with any beverage products including the products you mentioned. And the reaction of the two types of drinks is not yet known.

In addition, if you want to take this spirulina supplement, you should consume supplements that have been registered at the BPOM RI. Because several types of spirulina are known to produce toxins. Sprulina which has not been registered with BPOM RI is feared to have not been tested for its safety and has not been proven to be free from other substances which can actually damage the function of organs.

So if you want to take any supplements, including spirulina, you should consult your doctor first. Because not everyone has the same health condition, there are even some conditions that are known to not be able to take this type of spirulina supplement. Spirulina cannot be consumed by people who are experiencing liver dysfunction and phenylketonuria.

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