Take The Drug Lansoprazole Without A Doctor’s Prescription?

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2 years ago I was treated and diagnosed with GERD, until now sometimes I still like to relapse. If it hurts a day or two, I prefer to take medicine. Is it safe if I relapse of Lansoprazole that I bought without a doctor’s prescription and taken when sick?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Lansoprazole is a drug that is intended to overcome problems in the stomach, such as increased levels of gastric acid or GERD, injury to the stomach, and certain syndromes. This medicine works by blocking the production of stomach acid so that the levels will be less and it will relieve your symptoms.

Regarding your question, although the designation is appropriate, the problem is that this drug is a hard drug and should only be purchased using a prescription, marked with a red circle and the letter 'K' in it. Even if there are pharmacies that let you buy the drug without a doctor's prescription, then in fact the decision is not right, because the most disadvantaged will be you.

Our advice, the case of GERD if it is mild is actually still a competence of general practitioners and if you are constrained to go to your regular doctor, just check with the nearest general practitioner, it can be a clinic or health center. You can tell your history of the disease so far and if it is considered you need lansoprazole, then you will be prescribed the drug.

Meanwhile, if you feel abdominal pain, consume drugs that contain generic antacids because it's safer, and no less important is avoiding the triggers of stomach acid itself, such as stress, late eating, consumption of spicy, sour, greasy and fatty foods, coffee, excess weight and smoking. So, hopefully answering your question.

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