Take Vitamin C During Pregnancy?

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I asked if pregnant people are allowed to drink CDR .. Then how do you recommend drinking it .. Thank you

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Hi Aya .. Thank you for the question given.

Pregnant women need adequate vitamins and nutrients because these nutrients are important for fetal development. CDR (Calcium D-Redoxon) is a vitamin supplement that contains vitamins C, D, B6, calcium). These vitamins are important for the body as well as for pregnant women. Calcium and vitamin D are important for the growth of fetal bones and teeth. Meanwhile, vitamin C is useful for maintaining healthy cells, forming collagen in bones, muscles, skin and blood vessels; also useful for tissue repair, fight infection, and help in the process of absorption of iron. Actually, these vitamins and minerals can be obtained from the food consumed by the mother. In addition to vitamins B, C, D, and calcium, pregnant women will also be regularly given iron and folic acid tablets.

For the consumption of CDR itself, pregnant women can consume it, but you still need to consult with your obstetrician. Because the CDR contains artificial sweeteners, and produces soda when dissolved in water.

Apart from that what you still need to do is:

Avoid taking medicines without a doctor's advice. Eat nutritious food and get adequate rest. Routinely control your womb to a midwife or doctor. Enough daily water needs Hopefully useful

dr. Iriyanti

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