Take Vitamin C Supplements Every Day.?

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Hi Want to ask? At the turn of this season my body may become a little sensitive. If a friend coughs, I feel like I’m infected. I also feel that my immune system is lacking. And at first I wanted to buy Vitamin C supplements, which are sold at pharmacies. May we still take supplements in tablet form every day. If it influences keginjal if the rules are good for taking supplements, how?

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Vitamins are one of the micro substances needed by the body in certain amounts to optimize various bodily functions. The need for various types of vitamins itself can be obtained easily from a variety of food sources if you consume a varied diet every day.

Vitamin supplementation itself basically can only be used if there are symptoms of a deficiency of certain vitamins or it has been proven laboratoryly that the body has a deficiency of certain vitamins. Therefore, to determine whether someone needs vitamin supplementation or not, all must be based on the consideration of a doctor because basically all types of excess substances in the body, including vitamins, will not have a good impact on the body.

Likewise with your current condition, if you feel your body is not in good condition, it is highly recommended that you first consult with your doctor about this condition and consult whether you really need vitamin C supplementation that you want to buy. Although in general excessive levels of vitamin C do not have serious effects on the body, but if you suffer from certain conditions of the disease, excessive levels can cause serious problems.

For now, you should also undergo a change in lifestyle to be healthier so that your immune system also increases such as:

Eating a variety of foods with balanced nutritional levels and in adequate portions, not excessive
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits
Increase consumption of water, at least 2 liters per day
Get enough rest every day (at least 7-8 hours per day)
Do regular exercise (3-4x per week with an intensity that is in accordance with body strength)
Avoid excessive stress
Avoid foods that are high in fat, fast food, processed foods, and also alcohol
Avoid smoking

I hope this helps.

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