Take Vitamin C To Treat Bone Pain Due To Scoliosis?

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hello i want to ask. I am 18 years old but I have scoliosis from 1 year ago. last year I also had physiotherapy. lately I only consume CDR redoxon whether it can affect my bones / reduce pain back pain? thank you

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Normally, the arrangement of vertebrae is straight when viewed from the back side and has a distinctive curvature when viewed from the side. Scoliosis occurs when the spine is curved sideways abnormally, forming an inverted S or S when viewed from the back side. This condition may or may not be dangerous, depending on the degree of the curve. When seen clinically, scoliosis sufferers will appear to have asymmetrical shoulder and hip height. This condition can also make it easier for sufferers to experience recurrent back pain, especially when doing lots of movements involving back muscles.

Many experts suspect that scoliosis appears related to genetic factors (heredity). It could also be, this spinal abnormality occurs because it is triggered by neuromuscular disorders (for example in sufferers of cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy), other defects related to spinal development, to infection or injury to the spine. If it occurs in children, adolescents, or young adults like you, this condition should be evaluated directly by a doctor or orthopedic surgeon so that appropriate treatment is given so as not to interfere with your development. In more severe conditions, scoliosis sufferers can not only experience impaired appearance due to the asymmetrical shape of the shoulders and waist, but can also experience impaired heart and lung function due to continuous pressure.

Treatment of scoliosis can be done depending on the degree of curvature, the pattern of the curve, the location of the curve, the sex and age of the patient, as well as various other factors. In mild conditions, often no special handling is needed, but only periodic observations are balanced with lifestyle modifications. In more severe conditions, your doctor may also give you special braces that are made uniquely so that the degree of curvature of your scoliosis does not get worse. However, in more extreme cases, doctors often recommend that surgery be performed to prevent more serious organ disorders.

Therefore, with regard to your question, whether the treatment you are undergoing is appropriate, the answer depends on the severity of your scoliosis. The doctor who examines you directly knows best. The product you mentioned is a multivitamin supplement that contains calcium and various vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, and other additives. Consumption of this product can help maintain and optimize bone strength, including your spine. However, consumption of this product alone is not enough to overcome back pain, improve, or also prevent the worsening of scoliosis that you experience. You should consult with your doctor directly regarding the best treatment that needs to be done tailored to your condition.

So that scoliosis does not get worse, and so that back pain does not always recur and recur, here are some suggestions we can recommend:

Improve your posture in activities

Don't make it a habit to lean to one side of the body for a long time
When seated, sit up straight
Use a comfortable sleeping pad, not too hard, not too soft, and can accommodate the curvature of your spine properly

Diligent in sports, for example swimming, yoga
Eat healthy and nutritious food
When the backbone hurts, use a warm compress while applying pain relief creams, for example those containing paracetamol, so that the pain subsides
Do not smoke
Maintain ideal body weight

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