Take Vitamin E When Planning A Pregnancy?

Illustration of Take Vitamin E When Planning A Pregnancy?
Illustration: Take Vitamin E When Planning A Pregnancy? Bing

afternoon?u003cb /u003e if we consume natur-e can it fertilize the womb?

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Hi Zahra

The product you mentioned is a supplement that contains vitamins and minerals, where adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is good for metabolic processes and human health.

On the other hand, the fertility of the womb is influenced by many things, one of which is health conditions, a lack of vitamins can affect metabolic processes and hormone production which can have an impact on fertility.

However, the need for vitamins and minerals in humans is actually not much, it is enough to consume a balanced nutritious diet, all the vitamins and minerals needed will be fulfilled.

On the other hand, the fertility factor is not only a matter of vitamin and mineral intake, but there are many other factors such as the presence or absence of other diseases (such as PCOS and thyroid disease for example), exposure to free radicals, and also exposure to harmful chemicals.

So consuming vitamin and mineral supplements can help fertility if the person has a vitamin and mineral deficiency, but if it is caused by other factors it needs to be handled according to the cause of the fertility disorder.

So Zahra is expected to go to the obstetrician so that she can carry out a health evaluation and plan the right treatment to increase the fertility of the womb.

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dr. Arnold

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