Taking Drugs Late For TB Sufferers?

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Good night, I suffer from tuberculosis. I should have taken medication 7 nights, but I was late taking medicine for the three clients. About 8 mlm, how about that?

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One of the main keys in healing TB (Tuberculosis, TB) lies in the regularity of treatment. This must be done by the patient considering the resistance (immunity) of the microorganism that causes TB, namely Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is getting higher. This resistance can cause a longer healing time, and the risk of complications increases.

To eradicate the microorganisms that cause TB, TB sufferers must consume a combination of antibiotics and vitamins, called anti-TB drugs (OAT), for at least 6 months. OAT consumption is divided into several stages, namely intensive phase (first 2 months), advanced stages, and sometimes interspersed with insertions. During the period of consumption of this drug, OAT should be consumed regularly at the same hour so that the effectiveness of its work is maintained.

Forget not taking drugs on the hour that should be able to cause the effectiveness of the drug's work to be reduced. However, if you do not forget for a long time, which is less than 24 hours, then this condition is usually not dangerous. You can continue to consume OAT again as usual without having to repeat it from the beginning.

However, if you repeat this habit very often, then you should be aware of the possibility of treatment failure or risk of resistance. Therefore, you can check yourself directly to a doctor, a specialist in internal medicine, or a lung specialist for further evaluation.

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