Taking Hormone Drugs Due To Irregular Menstruation?

Illustration of Taking Hormone Drugs Due To Irregular Menstruation?
Illustration: Taking Hormone Drugs Due To Irregular Menstruation? Bing

Evening. I am female, 27 years old. Married. Doctor gave cycloprogynova for 3 cycles. Due to irregular menses for 2 years. I have done all the medical examinations, the results are all good without any problems. My question is, what is the probability that my period will return to normal after I stop taking cycloprogynova? I ask for the average percentage of the experience of a case like mine. Thanks .. :)rnNote: if it turns out that in the 4th month I am not menstruating anymore (irregular) do I have to take cycloprogynova for life?

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Hi Dymphna,

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If you have undergone a series of examinations, such as laboratory tests and ultrasound, to detect the cause of your menstrual cycle disorder, and no significant abnormalities are found, then you are most likely experiencing a reproductive hormone imbalance. This condition can be triggered mainly by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as improper eating habits, stress, lazy to exercise, smoking, consuming alcohol, and so on. Posture that is too fat or too thin, and the consumption of drugs can also affect this.

To overcome the hormonal imbalance that causes irregular menstruation, the real key lies in lifestyle modification. The consumption of hormonal drugs, including cyclo progynova which contains the hormones norgestrel and estradiol valerate, is intended to help keep the production of reproductive hormones in control. However, these two treatments (both hormone therapy and lifestyle modification) must run in balance, they cannot be separated.

There is no benchmark for exactly how long menstruation will return to normal after taking cyclo progynova. This is because, there are so many factors that can influence it, ranging from lifestyle or also a history of other illnesses suffered. If you do not have a history of any disease and you take the drug along with living an optimally healthy lifestyle, the chances of recovering will be much faster.

It is advisable to take the drug regularly according to the doctor's instructions. And, also live a healthy lifestyle, namely by sleeping regularly 6 to 8 hours a day, maintaining an ideal body weight through regular diet and exercise settings, managing stress wisely, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.

If with the above efforts, your menstrual cycle still does not improve within 3 months, you are advised to return to an obstetrician for further observation, for example through thyroid function tests, and so on.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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