Taking Medication Affects Hearing

Illustration of Taking Medication Affects Hearing
Illustration: Taking Medication Affects Hearing

Afternoon dock, I want to ask why when taking medication by prescription, it affects the hearing system. Is there a solution? Thank you

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Hello Rizka, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Some types of drugs, both over-the-counter drugs or hard drugs that require a doctor's prescription, can indeed cause side effects in the form of disorders / damage to the hearing system so that it can cause several symptoms such as ringing sounds, impaired body balance to hearing loss (deafness).

Damage / disturbance in the hearing system there are temporary (only during use only) and there are those that cause permanent damage, so if you feel you have complaints in the hearing system while using any drugs, especially drugs that are prescribed by a doctor, it is very It is strongly recommended that you immediately return to the doctor who gave the drug and have your complaint checked so that it can be evaluated whether or not the complaint in your hearing system is caused by side effects of the drug or because of other conditions in your ear.

The best solution for your complaint is to immediately see the doctor who gave the medicine to you again, and henceforth, always remember what medication is making your complaint appear and tell the doctor every time you seek treatment to avoid triggering your complaint.

I hope this helps.

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