Talking About 5-year-olds Isn’t Smooth?

Illustration of Talking About 5-year-olds Isn’t Smooth?
Illustration: Talking About 5-year-olds Isn’t Smooth?

Good afternoon, my 5 year old daughter has not been able to speak clearly and long. if you speak 1-3 words are clear. If a long sentence cannot, the language that comes out is not clear (strange) with fast intonation. My child is normal and cheerful, I have checked with my doctor and asked for the ABR test, the results are normal and I am asked for speech therapy until now. We have also checked with the ENT doctor whether there are abnormalities in the oral cavity, tongue or vocal cords are also normal. Caesarean born with a weight of 2.75 kg. ever had a fever and convulsions.

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Normally, at the age of 3 to 5 years, children have been able to string together long sentences that are meaningful and can be understood by others. Children this age are often very eager to tell about themselves, their new experiences, as well as what they see in sufficient detail. If at the age of 5 years your child has not shown this ability at all, then it means that the development of speech is too late.

There are various reasons that can cause delays in talking to children, including hearing loss, brain disorders (such as mental retardation, receptive and / or expressive specific language disorders), autism, articulation disorders (for example due to cleft), and so on. It could also, this delay in talking is actually solely caused by a lack of stimulation, for example if the caregiver is lazy to invite the child to interact, give him a gadget too early, and so on.

Handling of late speech can vary from child to child. Ideally, before handling, a comprehensive examination is needed to determine the exact cause of the delay in speaking. Not only ENT examination, other tests, such as brain records, neuropsychiatric examinations, and so on can also be done. Thus, then treatment can be given right on target. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you consult directly with your doctor or pediatrician specialist growth and development division related to the exact steps you need to take at this time.

Nutritional intake does play a role in maintaining brain function, including its relation to the child's speech development. However, there is actually no specific nutritional intake that is recommended for consumption in order to accelerate the child's ability to speak. You just need to give your child a variety of foods that have a balanced nutritional value, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, iron, folic acid, and other nutritional content. Do not forget, stimulation is also the development of your child's speech by often asking him to talk, read to him an interesting book according to his age, teach him to express his desires clearly, let him play a lot and interact with peers, and do not give him a gadget too early.

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