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Afternoon nPreviously I had a history of lung spots before but it was treated, then for 2 weeks I had a dry cough but if the temperature was cold or a lot of dust. Yesterday was the first time I coughed up phlegm accompanied by blood because of the cold morning temperature plus I was cleaning the house. I immediately checked with the doctor, he said, the possibility of allergies / tuberculosis, then I checked the ronxen hsl (the cast was not enlarged, the sinuses and diaphragm were normal, the hili was normal, the bronchevascular pattern was normal, there was a soft spot in the middle of the right lung) then I was diagnosed with TB, even though I was not experiencing symptoms of night sweats, night cough, fever and chills at night. Please doctor’s opinion on my case. Thank you 🙏

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Hello Mega21,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Diagnosis of tuberculosis is very dependent on medical conditions and the presence or absence of previous history. In your case with the complaints you mentioned above, it is possible that TB recurs or allergies. These two things can also occur together so that the symptoms that are caused overlap. There is TB that you experience again is very likely to happen, it needs to be seen whether there are risk factors that cause you to be infected with TB again, here are some factors that can be considered are as follows:

Incomplete healing by previous treatment. It needs to be evaluated regarding the previous treatment. Whether or not there is a history of withdrawal, there is a risk of reinfection of the germs that cause TB.

There is treatment failure in past infections. This factor is influenced by the dosage, the type of drug, the presence or absence of a drug resistance condition where the germs in the body are strong enough and do not respond to the type of antibiotics given.

Whether there is contact with someone who also has TB.

Inadequate and balanced nutrition and intake. This automatic condition triggers a lack of resistance by the immune system to fight infection

The presence of certain accompanying medical diseases, for example, the presence of infection from other bacteria or there is a fungal infection.

The presence or absence of symptoms such as night sweats, night coughs, fever and chills is not absolutely the basis for diagnosing someone with TB. The existence of a prolonged cough, weight loss, not being fit so that the body disrupts activities can also be a consideration for the infection.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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