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Illustration: TB Information

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(TB), also known as TB, is an infectious disease that causes the second largest health problem in the world after HIV. This disease is caused by the result of the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis itself can attack any part of the body, but the most common and most common is tuberculosis infection in the lungs. the cause of tuberculosis is bacteria that spread in the air through bursts of saliva from coughing or sneezing with tuberculosis.

for the treatment of tuberculosis should not be postponed should be treated as soon as possible if it is positive for tuberculosis because the longer it is treated it will get worse and germs will undermine the body's organs, and tuberculosis treatment is the main principle of treatment of tuberculosis (tuberculosis) is obedient to take medication for a period of time recommended by the doctor (at least 6 months). If you stop taking the drug before the recommended time, the TB disease that you are suffering from has the potential to become resistant to the drugs that are usually given. If this happens, tuberculosis becomes more dangerous and difficult to treat. Drugs that are taken are a combination of isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamided andethambutol.

if your younger sibling is under 17 years old, you may need to be accompanied by your family or closest relatives to seek treatment, but if you are already taking medication and the medicine is in the hands of your younger sibling you should immediately take it must be obedient to take this medicine because this drug has a package or the following date to take the next drug so if it is not compliant it is not according to the date the medical staff will be confused to arrange or evaluate it, because TB every health facility has data and checks and countermeasures, so every community is endeavored to comply so that this TB can be immediately dealt with because every affected person will have a report and evaluation on riwayt journey treatment until recovery. so if the medicine is in the hands of your younger sister, you can take it immediately. You can call it by calling it every day and asking your parents directly if you have taken the medicine or asking your parents to see every reduction in the drug, you will remember it by phone every day and every hour. same. You can make a video call to want your sister to drink it while watching your sister drink it. if your sister has not taken the medicine, you can be accompanied by your closest kerbata and your trusted friend.

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