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I followed the initial TB treatment with red medicine for 2 weeks. The last day I didn’t drink because I vomited every time I ate and was nauseous. My bn has dropped dramatically. Then I was controlled, and the drug was temporarily stopped for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I was under lg control, and I started the first category TB treatment by injection and taking medication. The first category treatment was only done for 1 month, but in the next control I was upgraded to category 2. Even though I did not drop out of the drug. Please explain, thank you

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From the information you conveyed, there was a TB drug discontinuation that was done before, namely stopping taking the drug for about 2 weeks.

Category 1 means that TB treatment is carried out, one of which is for new cases, TB outside the lungs.

Meanwhile, category 2 TB treatment is given for cases of TB recurrence, treatment failure, or negligent treatment.

Therefore, even if you are not negligent in TB treatment, however, because of certain conditions you experience comorbidities so that you cannot continue TB treatment, and have stopped treatment for 2 weeks, it is possible that this condition is considered category 2.

This category 2 treatment is done to prevent the risk of TB drug resistance to your TB infection condition. Sheingga hopes that with this category 2 treatment, you can feel the recovery of TB infection immediately, and your clinical condition will get better.

However, you should discuss it directly with the doctor who treats you to get better information regarding your treatment plan.

That is the information we can convey, also read TB treatment.

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