TB X-ray Results But No Shortness Of Breath And Coughing?

Hello ,, r nShe said I had TB symptoms and had to check phlegm, the x-ray was done, but I didn’t cough so I couldn’t produce sputum, on the x-ray results I said I was tuberculosis, but I didn’t cough, I wasn’t tight, how is the explanation? R nTp I am sure I am not sick with TB

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Need to clarify, who said you have TB symptoms? Is it a doctor? What complaints made you see a doctor?

TB (tuberculosis, TB) the cause is infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This infection can attack the lungs, as well as various other organs. Indeed, if it attacks the lungs, often tuberculosis will cause the sufferer to experience productive coughs that don't go away, sometimes accompanied by blood that causes tightness. However, not all TB sufferers will experience this complaint.

If what you are experiencing is extrapulmonary TB, then coughing and tightness will certainly not be obvious. For example, if what you have is tuberculosis lymphadenitis (tuberculosis of the lymph nodes), the symptoms that appear are usually painful swollen lymph nodes (usually around the neck, armpits, or groin), fever and prolonged profuse sweating, decreased drastic enough weight, decreased appetite, and various other complaints. If your TB attacks other organs, then of course the symptoms will be different.

If it is true that you are experiencing pulmonary TB, not all sufferers will also experience a severe cough and shortness of breath. Children and young adults often do not show the typical symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Apart from age, endurance, history of allergies, smoking habits, environmental conditions, and a history of other diseases also influence the possibility of symptoms that appear. TB sufferers who also experience HIV, for example, often do not show the typical cough and tightness symptoms.

The diagnosis of TB can be confirmed through various types of examinations, including interviews (to assess risk factors, including contact between the patient and other TB sufferers), a thorough physical examination, and supporting tests, for example X-rays, sputum tests, biopsy, and so on. In some cases, even though a series of tests performed does not typically show TB symptoms, the diagnosis of TB can still be made on the basis of considering the very high incidence of TB in our country. Of course, the interpretation of all the results of the tests performed is only accurate if it is done by the doctor who examined you in person. Therefore, you should consult directly with him regarding what underlies the diagnosis of TB. When in doubt, you can check with your doctor or other internal medicine specialist for a second opinion.

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