Tbc Intestine

Illustration of Tbc Intestine
Illustration: Tbc Intestine

Can people with intestinal tuberculosis be allowed to eat rock sugar because if it is not allowed for granulated sugar or substitute for granulated sugar what’s good doc

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Tuberculosis is a chronic but long-term infection. During the treatment period, adequate nutrition is needed to prevent malnutrition due to chronic disease processes. Good nutritional intake will help the body fight infection because it is associated with a better immune system. Sugar consumption should indeed be limited, as well as other processed foods that are high in sugar content. Consumption of sugar in moderation is still permissible. High-carbohydrate and high-protein food intake is highly recommended for the fulfillment of nutritional needs in tuberculosis patients. In addition to limiting excessive sugar in food, sufferers are also advised not to smoke, not consume alcohol, limit foods high in trans fats, soft drinks, and similar processed foods.

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